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Updated September 22, 2022


In the U.S., Stripe collects 2.7% + $0.05 on every transaction. You can read more about that here: Stripe Pricing. This fee has nothing to do with Payment and is involved in the terms you opted into with Stripe. The fee also varies by your country, so make sure you understand the fees before making your first charge.

Payment collects a 1% transaction fee on every charge you capture from within the app. For example, if you charge someone $30, Payment collects $0.3

Who can use the app?

You must be 16 years or older to use the Payment for Stripe app.

Payment doesn't own your data

In fact, we don’t even want it. We only want to show you your data. This is why we don’t have a way for you to upload data to us. All of your account data, transactions, customers and any other information you provide to the app is all stored at Stripe.

Collection of Data

Payment tracks certain user data points that assist with customer support and troubleshooting. This data is stored for our own internal purposes, and only includes the items that come with granting access to your Stripe account. This data includes:

Data Storage

We use an encrypted database. We can delete this data at any time upon request

Loss of Data

Since Payment relies on Stripe, we have no control over what happens with their servers. Since we don’t store your transactional data (it’s stored at Stripe), we can’t assist with getting it back. If you wish to delete your Stripe account, you can do so at

Removing the App

You can delete the app at any moment which will remove your data from the device and our servers. Additionally, send an email to: support@ with the subject line REMOVE ACCOUNT and we will remove any data we have related to your account. We’ll be sorry to see you go.

The following items are stored on your device:

To allow us to make requests to Stripe on your behalf, we are required to store a few items:

The following items are NOT stored by Payment:

Because the Payment app relies on Stripe, it is not necessary for us to duplicate data that is already stored securely in your Stripe account.

What data rights do you have?

You have the right to delete your personal information. When you request that we delete your personal information, we take several steps:

Location Usage

Since the app is based on the stripe sdk, whether you deploy Terminal to a single store or thousands of stores, Location should be used to:

Bluetooth use

Because the application is designed for payments through the stripe terminal, it will be required to connect to the card reader via bluetooth

How do you exercise your data rights?

Send an email to support@ with the subject line DATA RIGHTS and let us know if you’d like your personal information deleted. We’ll ensure your requests are met and completed within the required 30 days. By connecting Payment to your Stripe account you agree to allow us to store the above data.


If you ever need help with the app or have questions, do not hesitate to email:  support@ 

If you have trouble with your Stripe account, please reach out to them directly at Stripe Support